2019 has only just begun but the playbook for marketing is already changing. At Techwitty, we know what businesses and consumers are looking for, so here’s the low-down on few of the ways you can master your content marketing this year.

Step 1. Understand Your Audience

While social media may hold great business potential, writing a Facebook post and throwing it into the winds of social media is NOT the way to go. Businesses need to study their demographics and learn everything they can about their customers and their customers’ engagement habits.

For instance, did you know that younger users are leaving Facebook for Twitter and Instagram, while older users are holding on strong? This kind of knowledge can provide a good indication of where and how you should distribute your content to reach your audience.


Step 2. Diversify Your Content

Blocks of text describing the virtues of your business may read well, but they often won’t grab the user’s attention. Facebook posts that incorporate images earn 87% of all engagements, and that number is only expected to rise in the future. Want to boost your post engagement? Make your ads a visual treat and use infographics to spice up your feed!

Want to reach customers outside social media platforms? Don’t make content that just looks good, make content that sounds good too! Plenty of businesses are hosting regular podcasts to talk about their business and industry, and to provide free knowledge to potential customers. 3.5 million Australians listen to podcasts regularly, and that’s 3.5 million potential sales that can be reached with a microphone.


Step 3. Demonstrate Your Authenticity

“Fake News” may be the butt of jokes these days, but this concept has significantly changed how consumers connect to businesses. 86% of consumers want “authenticity” in their company, so start telling and selling your story today!

Whether it’s creating a regular ‘employee spotlight’ on your social media pages or bringing coworkers on as guests for your podcasts, you’ll be showing the world that you’re not a faceless brand, but a passionate group of real people.

2019 is going to be an exciting year for marketing, but the only way you can get in on this success is with a detailed marketing strategy. At Techwitty, our experts have the knowledge you need to stand out. Give us a call today at 61 2 9387 5900 or visit us online to see our wide variety of proven business solutions.