Export Grant App Development

Export Grant App Development

The Export Market Development Grant is a financial assistance program that each year helps more than 3,000 small and medium-sized Australian entrepreneurs access international markets. Thanks to this national strategy, there are many individuals, partnerships, companies, associations, co-operatives, statutory corporations, and trusts that they have been able to undertake in the world of exports of their goods and services.

The economic sector that has benefited most is the services, averaging between 60 and 65% of annual allocations (followed by the manufacturing industry hovering around 30% and the primary sector with the rest). Something unique about the program is that within the services sector, is allowed to apply for the export of intellectual property and know-how.

In that sense, one of the great beneficiaries of this policy is software developers. Many app developers are converting EMDG grants as their primary source of government support.

If you have experience in the development of apps, you can successfully access those benefits, significantly boosting your conversions and your business. To create a successful “Export Grant” App Development, you should consider some relevant issues.

Is it Worth Developing Apps for Foreign Markets?

Definitely yes. The applications market today is already a giant itself. Moreover, it is a niche that only projects sustained growth. Consider the number of people who significantly use their smartphones in their daily lives.

Also, take these figures in mind:

  • In 2017, 197 billions of mobile apps were downloaded.

  • During the same year, more than $81 billion in apps were spent.

  • By 2020, the app market will have a value of $189 billion.

  • The biggest apps stores are Google Play with 2.8 million apps. They are followed by Apple App Store with 2.2 million, Windows Store with 669K and Amazon with 600K.

That means that directing efforts to participate in the global market is not only a wise decision but perhaps the only way to stay in business in a few years. Also, obtaining the support of the Government of Australia for your developments would be a tremendous competitive advantage that will undoubtedly help you differentiate from your competitors.

Which is the Best Strategy to for Your "Export Grant" App Development?

The wisest way is to have support and experience. In that sense, you should not only look for the hiring of excellent development and advisory agency in EMDG Grants. To be truly successful you must have a team that behaves like your partner and business allies, like Techwitty.

Thanks to our experience, you will obtain the following advantages:

  • You will be able to develop better applications since we are the best development team in Australia. We are co-creators of value, and thanks to our support, you will achieve fast applications and excellent user experience. This will allow you a sustained growth.

  • Also, thanks to our knowledge of the most significant international markets such as USA, UK or China, we will assist you in your research and adaptation of your apps to be successful overseas.

  • We also have a marketing team of the highest level that will allow the development of strategies consistent with each country.

  • Finally, our extensive experience in helping many companies achieving EMGD grants will also be at your disposal. This will allow you to become eligible, create your applications to the program and access government support successfully.

At Techwitty we are ready to boost your business worldwide. Contact Us.

Export Grant App Development
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Export Grant App Development