Assisting companies to enhance their product offering and to scale their technology globally is at the heart of what Techwitty does best.


Technology companies are great, but after all of the hard work taken to develop the technology, many times, companies fail to get the technology to market. Many technology companies get through the startup stage extremely well, but in our experience, it is during the go-to-market phase of the technology company lifecycle that many technology companies fail.

Why? There are a number of reasons:

  1. No access to capital
  2. No sales strategy or sales team
  3. No marketing and positioning strategy
  4. Lack of expertise in go-to-market strategy
  5. Company is seen as too small for corporates to take a risk with
  6. Lack of a business network; and/or
  7. Lack of business credibility (to name a few)

Why Techwitty?

Using our parent company (Tulla Private Equity Group – The Maloney Family Office) Techwitty presents our clients with the ability to immediately tap into a global network of business executives at the highest possible level. Not only do we have the contacts to help our client’s technology companies scale, we have a long-standing proven track record of scaling our own technology investments.

Our technology advisory services include:

✓ R&D Tax Incentive Services
✓ Global Sales and Aggregation Strategy
✓ Co-Creation of Value Strategies
✓ Growth Hacking
✓ Sourcing of Technology Investments
✓ Corporate and Governance Strategy
✓ Go-to-market Strategy
✓ Capital Raising, Debt and Financing
✓ Corporate Structuring for Investment
✓ Mergers and Acquisitions
✓ Technology Valuations and Due Diligence.

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Ewen McKenzie - Urbanz Christchurch

I have been extremely impressed with Techwitty. It is a pleasure working with highly creative and inovative team.

Ewen McKenzie - Urbanz Christchurch

Fraser Neil - Acclimate Solutions

A highly professional service. Delivered on time and on budget.

Fraser Neil - Acclimate Solutions

Neil Joseph - CSB Engage

We never imagined how fast we could grow through leveraging Techwitty’s global relationships. A must for any company.

Neil Joseph - CSB Engage

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