An app is a work of art. A team of highly skilled coders and digital designers come together to output an aesthetically pleasing, fluid app design to capture your target audience’s attention. This level of development incorporates more than just coding, it involves psychology to create an addictive design, coding analytics to create smooth functionality and fundamental economics to create an individualised, monetisation mechanism to achieve the highest return on investment for you.

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“I gave the same app pitch to multiple development firms, why did I get quoted different prices?”

The answer is different development firms produce different qualities of apps.

Different agencies have different quality of coders, both back-end and front-end. Less experienced coders will encounter more hurdles and potentially miss more bugs in the coding.

If you have a complex app idea and you get quoted a low price, likelihood is that the development firm won’t know what they are doing. They will likely produce a low quality or even an unusable application.

It can be hugely beneficial to pay more money for your app. Giving your project to a reputable development firm means you can rest assured that your app will be produced by highly skilled experts, you’ll be given an accurate development time frame, and there will be transparency and cooperation between you and the development firms during the project.

When you go with the lowest quote, the project has the potential to:

  • Increase the time requirement to complete your app
  • Have more bugs and slower performance issues in the final product
  • Produce an unusable application
  • Create frustration in the communication channel between you and the development firm
  • End up having poor design and functionality
  • Cost more than they as say you do not factor for scope creep

Factors involved with pricing your application


Whether the purpose of your app for gaming or a utility app, there will be different technical requirement specific to that category, varying the cost.

The Number of Interacting Components

Say you have a game that has some varying factors that interact, for example Clash of Clans has two teams acting independently, but with ranking priority protocols controlling each AI character’s motives. There will be a requirement for multiple interacting algorithms to be built, to give the in-game a life like feel.


Front-end includes what the user sees and feels with the app. It is important to have a great user experience for the app to become addictive, so you can grow your user base rapidly and have longer user lifespans.


API’s are the plug-ins in your app which make it work. This could include Gmail login or Bluetooth connectivity for an internet of things (IOT) device. The higher the quality of developer, the more integrated the API will be so the user will assume it is a part of the application, boosting the user and experience.


This is an extremely important stage that must be done correctly. Back-end development is when communication channels are built to collect data from the front-end of the app. Higher quality developers will build out wider channels to capture more data, which will become crucial for effective marketing, when your app is more mature.

Data Collection Systems

Data collection systems are the back-end servers which capture, categorise and store the data for future use. It will help you understand your users’ behavior, so you can optimise your user acquisition strategy and monetisation strategy with the data you capture.

Data Collection Compliance

If your app will be collecting data, it is mandatory for a security protocol to be put in place to protect that data. The more complex the data you capture, the higher security protocol you will need, which will increase the cost of the app.

The best way to know the benefits of paying more for a quality app is too find previous apps that the app developer has made, and look at its design and function yourself.

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