Content marketing can be a daunting challenge to any business, no matter the industry. However, the vast amount of users engaging with social media and searching for online content represent a potential revenue stream that no company can ignore. Let’s take a look at why creating quality content is important for businesses in 2019.


It Builds Customer Relationships

Social media and the internet have connected people across the globe like never before, but they’ve also connected businesses and consumers in a big way. Customers no longer want to be told what to do or what to purchase by a big brand. They want to take charge of their own purchasing decisions, start a dialogue with companies, and achieve success together.

Content marketing is a non-intrusive way to present your company and brand without presenting an obvious sales pitch. Through your blogs, videos, and podcasts, customers will develop an opinion of your company and, based on the quality of your content, will determine whether or not they can trust you.

Once established, a customer’s trust is a beautiful thing. Ideally, that customer will purchase your products and services in the future and will spread the word about your quality to other potential customers within their network.


It Makes Your SEO Successful

Google and other search engines are constantly judging websites on their content and images, placing websites with popular and effective content at the top while dooming poor-quality websites to the back pages of the search result list. If you want your business’s website to stand out in Google searches and to draw more traffic, then content marketing is key.

Creating videos that distribute advice or writing blogs that describe your business are great ways to drive traffic and improve your SEO. Each visitor to your site improves your rating and leads to even more customers seeing your product.


Everybody is Doing It!

Do you want to know what the greatest reason to engage in content marketing is?

Your competitors are doing it.

Right now, 53% of all businesses are writing blogs, producing videos, and hosting podcasts, with 51% of them publishing content daily. Social media is filled with businesses trying to catch the attention of consumers, and if you want your business to succeed, you’ll have to start producing content and engaging with users regularly.

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