For many small to medium sized Australian businesses, the idea of exporting to foreign markets can sound as intimidating as it does exciting. On one hand, there is opportunity to break into the plethora of countries with the potential to improve revenue and overall business.

On the other lies the risk of entering a new market unnoticed ultimately leading to failure. This is why the Australian Government created the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG).

The EMDG is for Australian made products only.

However, as you gear up to apply for the grant, you might find eligibility criteria to be quite specific. And you might have some questions about if your product qualifies or not. After all, the EMDG is for Australian-made products only.

That’s why we’ve broken down the requirements for you simplistically, so you can determine whether your product or service is eligible or not.

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What products or services can you claim

The EMDG is available for goods, services (including tourism or conference/event), intellectual property, and trademark that meet the following criteria:


If your goods are made in Australia with Australian materials (things that are mined, harvested, raised or fished within the country) you qualify.

Primarily Australian-made

Your good also qualifies if it’s primarily made from these Australian materials. To clarify this with an example, consider a pair of boots. They might be made in another country, but if they are done so with Australian exports they qualify.

Imported but Australian-made

However, if your product is manufactured or assembled in Australia from materials that are mostly imports, it can still qualify but only if it meets the following criteria:

  • They create a new product,
  • They mostly transform the materials into something new,
  • They play an important part in manufacturing a new product.


Refurbished and Australian-made

Importing a good that you refurbish only qualifies if the work adds significant value to the product.

Exported for testing, Australian-made

Products that are made in Australia from local materials but are sent overseas for relatively minor activities like testing or packaging are eligible.

Products made in Australia with foreign imports might still qualify for the EMDG.

Specifications for non-Australian made products

For Australian-made products, these qualification specifications seem easy enough to understand. However, you might be wondering where you lie in terms of qualifications if you are thinking about exporting your product or that is an import. If this is your situation, you might still qualify, but you would need to apply under the ‘significant net benefit’.

In order to be eligible for the EMDG, your good must meet all four of the following criteria:

  1. The way you manufacture the product and get it ready for sale must be primarily based in Australia.
  2. Additional activities that you undertake to make the good ready for sale must be primarily based in Australia.
  3. The good must have significant value in Australia.
  4. The sale of the good creates economic benefits for Australia.


If you have any further questions about how your business can benefit from EMDG, come talk to the teamhere at Techwitty. We know all the intricacies of the grant’s application process and can help you every step of the way.

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