About us

Techwitty is the entrepreneurial advisory firm of Tulla Private Equity Group – the Maloney Family Office. Founded by Kevin O’Hara and Mark Maloney, Techwitty focuses on assisting entrepreneurs and companies to develop and commercialise their technology related businesses.

Why Us

We have packaged up an end to end service offering to assist companies with all the following four areas.

We areEntrepreneurs.

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Our History

By way of background, Tulla Group is most well known for the listing and subsequent sale of the MAC Services Group for close to $800m in 2011 to Oil States International. Since this time, Tulla has invested into over 50 Australian companies, many of which are now global businesses. Some of Tulla’s investments include: Mobecom Limited (ASX: MBM), HRL Limited (ASX: HRL), Procon Telematics, Whitesmiths Group, Sumo Salad, Garage Entertainment, Secure DDX, DMG Group, and CapitalPitch to name a few…

The Difference

Having invested and worked with so many amazing founders over the last decade, we now realise where our passion lies: Helping build, scale and exit amazing businesses! If you work with Techwitty, the private equity team from Tulla and the Maloney family will literally be jumping into the trenches with you and your team! We will help you:


Break down your idea and assess the market potential

Funding Options

Identify which government grants and/or funding options are available to you


Scope and quote your technology build based your requirements


Develop your technology (app, platform, web)


Develop and execute your go-to-market and customer acquisition strategy


Structure your corporate affairs with a view to raising capital