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We are boutique digital consultancy and technology advisory headquartered in Sydney that is part of the Tulla group of companies. We are experts in developing and designing websites and digital platforms, building professional applications for mobile and web, developing and managing digital marketing and social media campaigns, and much more…


Our corporate technology advisory practice specialises in advising technology related businesses on go-to-market strategy, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), research and development grants, and technology monetisation.

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Interdisciplinary teams with big ideas. Global experience from day one.

  • Kevin Maloney

Kevin Maloney
Executive Director

Kevin Maloney is an Executive Director of Techwitty and Chairman of Tulla Group.

  • Stephen Law

Stephen Law
Company Secretary

Stephen Law is the Company Secretary at Techwitty and Group Secretary / General Counsel with Tulla Group

  • Mark McIntosh

Mark McIntosh

Mark McIntosh is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Techwitty and CFO with Tulla Group.

  • Kevin O

Kevin O'Hara
General Manager

  • Perry Henderson

Perry Henderson
Head of Digital and Social Media

  • Majid Karimzadeh

Majid Karimzadeh
Website Development Manager

  • Harry Sathe

Harry Sathe
SEO Services Manager

  • Keith MacPherson

Keith MacPherson
UI/UX and Design Manager

  • Cathy Valentine

Cathy Valentine
Finance / R&D Tax Manager

  • Emily McPike

Emily McPike
Content Writer

  • Lisa Schapiro

Lisa Schapiro

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Digital marketing in today’s world is a highly complex field and one that is ever evolving. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Pay Per Action (PPA) Advertising, Online Ad Exchanges, Demand Side Platforms, the list goes on. The fact is that all of these things can be beneficial for your business.


However, each component of a digital marketing strategy requires careful planning and management, and a high level of expertise in a very specific field to ensure that your company is spending the right amount of money in the right areas. Watch our explainer video…

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Jimmy Johnson

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Peter Drucker

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Robin Williams

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Steve Jobs

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Scott Cook

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A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch.

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We assist with growth capital, go-to-market strategy, co-creation of value, and much more.

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Get 45% of your research and development (R&D) expenses back in cash from the Government.

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We create, build, design and manage websites of all types and sizes. Our website are real assets.

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SEO, PPC, PPA, CPC, Adwords. Yep. We do all these things and can manage your campaigns!

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Sit on a train and look at people. If you don’t have a mobile application yet… Maybe you should!

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Build a community, manage your community, advertise your brand and create brand awareness.

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Wide range of successful digital and print projects.

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Ewen McKenzie - Urbanz Christchurch

I have been extremely impressed with Techwitty. It is a pleasure working with highly creative and inovative team.

Ewen McKenzie - Urbanz Christchurch

Fraser Neil - Acclimate Solutions

A highly professional service. Delivered on time and on budget.

Fraser Neil - Acclimate Solutions

Neil Joseph - CSB Engage

We never imagined how fast we could grow through leveraging Techwitty’s global relationships. A must for any company.

Neil Joseph - CSB Engage

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A Digital Agency that loves helping companies grow.


There are two type of applications; desktop applications and web applications. Desktop applications are useful where information synchronization is not the developer’s primary concern. They’re mostly applicable for a limited audience. Web applications however serve a wider audience. All information and business rationale live on one focal server. Customers can use a browser to get to the web application. It serves on wide assortment of gadgets. You don’t have to send, oversee and keep up customer application on all association PC as you do with a desktop app.
Applications such as, Google Search, Gmail and Facebook messenger are some of the best examples of web application .
Basically, Web Applications are dynamic web locales which give functionalities, such as, associating with clients, interfacing with back-end databases, and producing results to app development programs.
Understanding a web developer:
A web app engineer is a product architect or designer who is included in the improvement and plan of web as well as system applications. They work in a consortium of any size, and some work as autonomous specialists. This profession is an extremely compensating one that offers many appealing advantages including work fulfillment, employer stability and magnificent pay and advantages.
Web app engineers are normally in charge of IT obligations required in web advancement and programming, and additionally coding. Their part is exceptionally basic, as they are the main impetus behind the achievement of an application. The formation of a web application more often than not includes at least one designer involved in the process.
The obligations of a web app engineer will differ upon the association they work for and the kind of ventures they handle. A standout among the most essential and basic sorts of web app advancement includes internet business websites. The regular obligations of this part include:

  • Developing and overseeing programming bundles for websites
  • Developing and overseeing establishment programs for websites
  • Programming web application codes
  • Programming substance and page joins
  • Troubleshooting and investigating app development
  • Analysis and testing
  • Niche outlining

The people involved:
Business Analysts
The Business Analysts are the general population who are worried with the words shown on the screen, and to a specific degree, the design. Regularly, they will use the work done by the engineer to assemble a bland markup that will be changed into the outcomes. In little advancement situations, commonly the engineer goes up against both this part and the designer part. Ordinarily, the business expert will work with the markup dialect that goes into the generator in the app development process.
The planner is the person or gathering of people who are capable to give the last look and feel of a site. The creator does every one of the design and HTML code. In Cocoon, they will work with the Transformers that take information and structure it in a last introduction for app development.
The chairman is in charge of the site map which maps the URI space to the diverse pipelines in Cocoon. A pipeline is a way from a Generator to a serialized. This implies, the overseer chooses that all solicitations for an asset with an html” augmentation begins as XML and winds up as HTML. The Administrator will work intimately with the Designers and the Developers. Without a devoted executive, one designer ought to accept that part. It is critical that engineers don’t get impeded in this one app development Component.
Basic Concepts:
Classes of coding:
There are two fundamental classes of coding, scripting and programming for making Web Applications:
Customer Side Scripting/Coding – Client Side Scripting is the kind of code that is executed or deciphered by programs. Customer Side Scripting is by and large perceptible by any guest to a site.
Server Side Scripting/Coding: Server Side Scripting is the sort of code that is executed or translated by the web server. Server Side Scripting is not distinguishable or available by any guest or overall population.
What are program libraries?
Program libraries are a gathering of ordinarily used capacities, classes or subroutines which give simplicity of advancement and maintenance by enabling designers to effectively add or alter functionalities to a frame worked or particular sort app development application.
Web Application Frameworks are sets of program libraries, parts and devices sorted out in a design framework enabling engineers to assemble and keep up complex web application ventures utilizing a quick and productive approach.
Web Application Frameworks are intended to streamline programming and advance code reuse by putting forward envelope association and structure, documentation, rules and libraries (reusable codes for basic capacities and classes).
Benefits of Web Application Frameworks:
Program activities and rationale are isolated from the HTML, CSS and configuration records. This helps originators (with no programming knowledge) to have the capacity to alter the connection and roll out outline improvements without help from a software engineer app development.
Manufactures depend on the module, libraries and instruments, enabling software engineers to effectively share libraries and execute complex functionalities and components in a quick and proficient way.
The structure creates best work on coding with reliable rationale and coding principles, and gives different engineers the capacity to get comfortable with the code in a brief timeframe.
Coding rules are sets of guidance and measures used as a part of programming a web application extends through the process.
These tenets and norms apply to coding rationale, envelope structure and names, record names, document association, organizing and space, proclamations, classes and capacities, and naming traditions. These guidelines likewise uphold composing clear remarks and give app development documentation.

  • Makes the best condition for many software engineers to deal with as similar venture
  • Gives simplicity of practicality and adaptation administration
  • Conveys better meaningfulness and comprehension of the source code
  • Guarantees that different designers can comprehend and get comfortable with the code in a brief timeframe for the app development process

Web Applications Life cycle Model
Web Application Life cycle is the way toward building up a web application and association of the different groups that are occupied with the improvement procedure. Every association may set forward its own particular special style of working.
A few organizations take after a specific standard model, such as, SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) or Agile Software Development Model.
SDLC is the conventional procedure of creating programming or web applications by including examination to recognize and characterize the application prerequisites, data investigation, building plan and determinations outline, group inclusion, programming, app development testing and bug settling, framework testing, execution and support.
Deft Software/Web Application Development is the iterative advancement process and improvement prepare rehearses that emphasis on joint effort of people included and give a superior strategy to let corrections and development of web application and necessities. Light-footed philosophy incorporates look into, investigation, extend administration, outline, programming, usage, visit testing, adjustment and support.
Web Application Process

  1. Web Application Testing

Testing is an essential piece of the Web Application preparation. Every so often, testing would expand labor and time rather than improve itself.
The following are the absolute most regular testing required for any web application advancement or app development requirements:

  • Quality Assurance and Bug Testing
  • Various Browser Compatibility
  • Application Security
  • Execution – Load and Stress Testing
  • Ease of use
  • Patterns and Popularity

The requests for organizations to assemble Web Applications are to be taken into consideration.
On the off-chance that arranged and manufactured effectively, web applications can:

  • Reach and administrate a great many customers and organizations
  • Produce significant, multi-layer/multi-class wage from customers, organizations and publicists
  • Effectively construct business goodwill and resources in light of group of onlookers do, fame, innovation and potential development
  • The following are great purposes behind organizations to assemble web applications:
  • Organizations need to streamline their in divisions and capacities, operations, deals and venture administration, and so forth.
  • Organizations need to exploit a web-based application’s adaptability and flexibility, by moving far from the customary desktop application stage to the web application stage
  • Organizations need to acquire customers or better administration their present customers by offering advantageous administrations and arrangements on the web
  • Organizations need to make new web applications to offer inventive administrations or answers for online clients and organizations using app development

Business Impact
Today’s web applications alongside have generous business effect in transit organizations and customers work together, such as, there are chances to pick up the high ground and sidestep the customary physical organizations when this kind of chance was infrequently conceivable or existed before the blast of the web. The new web made a worldwide business condition which challenges the path in which customary organizations work together. Organizations need to rehash and develop with a specific end goal to contend in today’s patterns, online business and worldwide commercial center. Organizations and buyers have more alternatives and assets to ask about and effectively look at and search for the best arrangements. Data and assets are enormous and accessible to everybody who looks for it. Organizations or organizations that used to help from counseling or guidance, that can now be effectively obtained online are battling, and should take another business or course in the event that they need to stay disposable through the app development process.
You need to choose right off the bat whether you will create from a Business Markup viewpoint, or create from a Document Markup point of view. They have distinctive methods for approaching a similar issue. Both approaches have its trade. At last, you will find that you will need a mix of various parts of the two app development approaches.

  1. Business Markup Centric

This approach makes the Business Object the focal point of consideration for improvement. This approach formalizes your business protests, and ensures that you generally speak to a business question in a standard way. It’s restrictions come to hold up under when you have situations when you must two distinct articles that should be spoken to on the same sensible page.

  1. Archive Markup Centric

This approach feels the most characteristic to designers who originated from foundations with scripting dialects. This approach is more adaptable in that you speak to a page legitimately, with the wording as the focal point of consideration. With this approach, it is up to the designer to guarantee that the business protest is spoken to in a steady app development way.

  1. Cross breed app development Approach

We will build up a cross-breed approach to improvement in this paper. This means we begin with a Document Markup Centric approach, and include bolster for particular Business Markup as it is required. At last, this is the most flexible route for app development.
To close:
Web development have many benefits and are a practical way of earning a living. The benefits of this field have been explored to a great extent and the list, by far, is far from being exhaustive. The following are among its benefits:

  • With web-based applications, clients get to the framework with a uniform situation—the web program. While the client communication with the application should be complsetely tried on various web programs, the application itself needs just be created for a solitary working framework. There is no compelling reason to create and test it on all conceivable working framework adaptations and designs. This makes improvement and investigating much less demanding and for web applications that use a Flash front end testing and investigating is considerably less demanding.
  • Available anyplace. Dissimilar to conventional applications, web frameworks are available at whatever time, anyplace and by means of any PC with an Internet association. This puts the client solidly accountable for where and when they get to the application. It additionally opens up energizing, current conceivable outcomes, such as, worldwide groups, home working and continuous joint effort. Sitting before a solitary PC and working in a settled area is a relic of past times with web-based applications.
  • Effectively customizable: The UI of web-based applications is less demanding to redo than is the situation with desktop applications. This makes it simpler to refresh the look and feel of the application or to change the introduction of facts to various client gatherings. Along these lines, there is no longer any need for everybody to make do with utilizing the very same interface at all circumstances. Rather, you can find the ideal search for every circumstance and client.
  • Open for a scope of gadgets: Notwithstanding being customizable for client gatherings, substance can likewise be altered for use on any gadget associated with the web. This incorporates any semblance of, cell phones and tablets. This further extends the client’s capacity to get and cooperate with data in a way that suits them. Along these lines, the mode data is dependably at the fingertips of the general population who must use app development.

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