So you’ve had an awesome app idea, but that’s only the first stage. Next, you have to get it off the ground.

Many business start ups won’t have the infrastructure to develop their app very far beyond the ideas stage. That’s where an app development company comes in. They can help you turn your idea into a reality – but with thousands out there, how do you choose one that will work best with your company?

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1) Seek an end-to-end solution

Creating an app is more than just coding. You want to choose an app development company that is capable of delivering an end-to-end solution that incorporates strategy, design, and development.

Your relationship with your app developers will continue for as long as the app is available online. This means you should also seek an app development company that can deliver post-launch maintenance, including release updates, bug fixes and the adding of new features or functionality.

You want an end-to-end app development solution, that can offer post-launch activities like marketing as well as coding.

2) This should include marketing

There are 3.8 million applications on the Google Play store, and a further 2 million on the Apple App Store (data from Statista). Somehow, you’ve got to make your application stand out above the others. So marketing should be a high priority, and that’s where an app development company can make the difference.

Techwitty can teach you instead about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and other digital marketing options, to help drive traffic organically to your app. We can also run market research and create go-to-market strategies to ensure your app has the best chance of standing out.

3) And UX/UI design

First impressions are 94 per cent design-related, according to design platform In Vision. Meanwhile, judgements on website credibility are 75 per cent based on aesthetics, the British Computer Society reports. So think of what impact the design of your app is going to have on potential customers. It’s something you need to get right, and this means using an app development company that can provide user experience and user interface services. These should be central to their core offering, rather than tacked on as an after thought.

4) Ask to look at the company’s portfolio

Experience is a must for your app development company. This shouldn’t just be about numbers of apps they’ve created but also quality. Ask for a list of successful apps they’ve made in the past, and ensure the developers know how to create apps for the particular platform and market you’re targeting.

Choose an app development company that can provide UX/UI design services as part of its core offering.

5) And ensure they have experience in financials

What revenue model are you going to use? Direct-to-consumer? Business-to-business? Business-to-business to consumer? Whatever financial strategy you decide, it’s important to develop your app with your revenue model in mind.

An app development company should be able to help you with financial planning aspects, as well as ensure you stick to it as the app is created.

6) Be able to communicate with them!

As we’ve shown above, you could end up using your app development company for everything from maintenance to design to marketing. This means you need to be able to communicate with them regularly and feel comfortable doing so. Ask them what channels of communication they use and how often they will be available to talk – you want a company that will deliver you a bespoke solution rather than something that’s off the shelf, and that requires talking to them frequently!

App development is more than just code or programming – it’s UX/UI design, marketing, maintenance and analysis, to name just a few. Choose an app development company that can deliver you all of these things and more. Choose Techwitty. Contact us today for more information.

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