Is your website a fancy billboard in the desert?

  • Is your website a “Fancy Billboard in the Desert?” 
  • Do you have a decent website but nobody is visiting?

Well it’s not all bad news.

It can actually be a good result because it means that once you start getting more visitors to the site, it should result in enquiries and sales coming through. In a moment I’m will share with you a few ways you can fix this right away. And after I do that, I’m going to talk to you about how these fixes can make a massive difference to your business.

There are basically three ways you can get more people to come to your site:


Rank higher in Google when people search for your business

Essentially what you do here is to optimise your website so that Google will rank you higher. To do this, you prove to Google that your site is the best on the internet for your specific topics. It used to be quite easy back in the day. You’d just do “keyword stuffing” on your site, e.g. if you wanted to rank high for the word “dentist Sydney”, you would put “dentist Sydney” all over your site and you’d rank.

Then search engines got smarter. So they ranked the sites by the number of other sites that link to your site.  Then webmasters abused that as well. Then search engines got smarter again. According to Backlinko, Google now takes into account over 200 different factors in deciding website rankings.

There are many free guides on the internet on how to rank your website higher in Google. SEO can take up a large majority of your time to do it well. It’s a sensible move to get the basics right yourself, but then look to work with an agency if you want to achieve a serious amount of new visitors from Google search results.


Paid advertising

Ranking higher in Google search results is great, and can result in a lot of visitors to your website. The challenge is that the search results can be volatile and it can often take a long time for your site to increase in the rankings.

So to improve the predictability of your website traffic, it’s a smart move to have a consistent paid advertising budget. We recommend most clients spread their budget across Google Adwords and either Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter ads depending on the target audience.  Advanced users can start to look at email blasts and media buying from high traffic websites.

A recent campaign we ran using Google Adwords paid marketing was a great success. We spent $1,073 on ads, achieved 435 clicks and 19 online enquiries for a short-term accommodation provider. Client was delighted!

Social media strategy

Every business needs a social media strategy. You know this already. The challenge is that you don’t have the time to do it yourself. And even if you did it yourself, most businesses do a pretty poor job of driving enquiries and sales from social media.

The reason why most people suck at social media is because they do it the wrong way. They’ll open up Facebook, add a funny photo or write a promotional post, and nobody likes, shares or comments on it, let alone comes to your website to make an enquiry.

So what’s the right way?

Glad you asked.

It’s data.

The best way to come up with a winning social media strategy is to look at successful existing strategies in other industries. There are now tools out there that perform “social listening.” There is now sophisticated software available that will show you winning campaigns in other industries.  It shows you what posts do the best, which audiences respond best to those posts and the right time of the day to do the posting. Quite amazing actually.

The reach now possible with social media is phenomenal….a recent campaign we ran achieved a reach of 683,219 people….more people than the whole of Tasmania!


Another social media campaign we ran was to help sell out the “Method Man and Redman” music tour.  With a budget of $6,909 we reached 238,554 people, achieved 11,223 clicks and needless to say, the client was delighted.

What’s next?

With so many marketing options at your disposal, it’s confusing to know where to start first. Our recommendation is to apply all three strategies simultaneously.  In just a moment, I’m going to show you the best way to integrate these three strategies rapidly into your business. But first I want to show you want happens when you get these strategies right.

An accommodation centre in New Zealand started a new business where they provided 170 beds for workers in the local area. It was a lovely centre but not in a high-traffic area, so they were struggling to fill up the beds. In desperation, they turned to us and asked to help fill up the beds.

We got to work, built them a brand new site using our rapid Agile web development methodology.

We then ran an integrated strategy of Google Search optimisation, Paid advertising and Social media campaigns. Online bookings went from nothing to 240 bookings per month.

An incredible result.

I’d love to say that every site we have created has been a resounding success, but that’s not the case. Once we had a client in the Education sector, who despite our very best efforts, ended up going into liquidation because their underlying business model was not profitable.  It’s important to note that we will get your online presence up to best practice, but we are not miracle makers. You still need to have a solid, profitable underlying business model to be successful.

If you’ve read this far, it means you’re probably interested in dramatically improving your online presence and results. If you would like a free “roadmapping session” with our senior online strategists, where we put a plan in place to ramp up your online presence, click here and we’ll get a time scheduled.