Your website should be an asset that serves a specific function. Whether it is generating leads, managing information, or delivering a service, Techwitty can deliver!

The Difference

In terms of web development, our team of web developers have the capacity to not only develop you an amazing website or business portal, but also to advise you on which scripting language will be most suitable for your individual needs. PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, aspx, .NET, Bootstrap, Responsive, HTML, JavaScript… These are all words that you may hear from time to time, but you are not expected to understand them (unless you want to). That is what we do, and we are very good at it.

Discovery Session

Share your dream with us, and let us give you our expert advice! We will work with you to bring your idea to life, and at the same time, share with you our knowledge of the industry.

User Experience

No matter how good your idea is, there is nothing more important than nailing the user experience (UX). We will work through each and every feature of your product, and bring to life a truly world class user experience.

We Listen

Quite often we hear clients stories where they have been in discussions with a website developer and they have been told that PHP is the only way to go, WordPress is a must, Sharepoint is the bees knees and so on and so forth. This is largely because most website developers are typically skilled in one particular area, and as such, they will try to push you into whatever scripting language suits their skill set. Once you tell us what your objectives are, we will be able to help you make an informed decision that will be the right decision.

Custom Development

Each website is different and requires significant planning. You need to understand what components will be hard coded and what can be leveraged from other sources.

Content Management

The bulk of websites online are developed using Wordpress. There are however other platforms such as Magento and Shopify for eCommerce. Choose carefully!

Why Techwitty

Rather than tell you what platform you need, at Techwitty, we take the opposite approach and try to understand your business, your existing technology stack, and what your overall business objective is associated with the build. Then, we will go away and come back to you with what options we think work best for you. And that is our core value proposition. We work for our clients to achieve the best possible results, in the most cost effective manner.

Calls to Action

Always make sure that when planning your UI/UX, that you carefully consider how you are going to convert your audience. You must optimise for conversion.

Lead Generation

There is no point spending heaps of money on driving traffic to your site, if your pages are not converting your audience into leads.


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